Monday, February 8, 2010

Sens Shopping Lee AND Cheechoo

According to SensChirp the Sens continue to try to shop Brian Lee but now they may be adding Cheechoo to the package. While Cheechoo may not bring in as much I believe him and Lee together can generate some interest, apparently LA Kings may be willing to take a chance on Cheechoo but nothing confirmed yet.

Andy Strickland has stated on his twitter account that D Carlo Colaiacovo is available, I have no idea what kind of return he might bring or what team could benefit from his services at the moment but it is interesting to see all the available players that are coming out these days.

Finally, NHLSources on Twitter has been rambling about the Penguins targeting Moreau and/or Ponikarovsky. Ruslan Fedotenko may find himself the odd man out even though I'm sure Leafs fans hope they can get Staal (highly doubt that'll ever happen)


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