Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Latest From Bob McKenzie's Twitter

Heres the latest from TSN's Bob McKenzie via his Twitter Account:

  1. If Wolski were to be traded to Phoenix, Mueller and something else would obviously be involved. Phoenix has been shopping Mueller. Hard.

  2. Wolski is by no means fire sale and not guaranteed to be moved but if u look at long-range salary implications, Avs are exploring options.

  3. I throw this out only because someone is bound to report otherwise -- Anaheim is not trading Scott Niedermayer. Not even on their radar.

  4. Toronto's Alex Ponikarovsky likely to fetch a second-round pick and a good prospect. L.A. one of many teams interested.

  5. Carolina's Ray Whitney may not get dealt at deadline unless the L.A. King scenario gets revived. It's his call but Pittsburgh appears out.

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