Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Top 3 Potential Surprises and Wouldn't Surprise-Me'es

Here are the top 3 things that would really surprise me and the top 3 for things that wouldn't surprise me at all.

- If Tomas Kaberle gets moved, I will fall out of my chair(even though I will be sitting on a couch). It's pretty much 110% that Kaberle will not be moved.

- If the Montreal Canadiens make more than 2 deals, i'd say the chances are already like 80% that he doesn't make a move at all. The Habs love standing pat at the deadline almost as if they want fan criticism.

- If Pierre McGuire doesn't mention Sidney Crosby's game winning Olympic OT gold medal goal. Oh and included in that if he doesn't call one of the players on the move an absolute tower of power.

Wouldn't Surprise me:
- If the Columbus Blue Jackets trade more than 4 players/prospects/draft picks. , They seem to be a team that always comes through with a few deals.

- If New Jersey pulls another deal out of the ass that not many people are expecting. Oh!, The power of Lou Lamoriello.

- If Sportsnet decides to hire Eklund's dog to bark at Kypreos everytime he actually breaks a deal!


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